Heart Fluency’s Forum is a not for profit online community staffed by a talented international team of socially responsible individuals joined together by our founder Bruce Pardoe. Some years ago, Bruce encountered the words “Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.” From this sprang the idea for an online community where members support each other to meet all of life’s issues and conflicts with an open heart as the most effective, realistic way to achieve resolution, foster well-being and promote global harmony.

We are so glad you have joined our family and hope your time on Heart Fluency’s Forum will fuel a shift from leading with your head and intellect, to meeting life with your heart first. The head will follow. When we lead from the head, the heart’s wisdom and guidance are left out.

No Them – Just Us. This is Heart Fluency’s core philosophy, and the guiding principle of our company. May it light your path as well.