Appreciating your shares

I am beginning to really enjoy this forum. There are such wonderful heartfelt, authentic shares and I am appreciating the value of this way of communing. We have so much collective experience and wisdom and there is great benefit for each of us in sharing. Thank you Bruce for ?prodding? us to participate, as it seems so many of us have had various forms of resistance. I feel the quality of this forum is extra-ordinary. So thank you everyone for posting what is in your heart and your great wisdom as we explore ever deeper healing possibilities together in a compassionate heart space. Thank you!!!!!

    Hi Angelika, upon reading your post, I visualized I had entered through a gate into our heart fluency community. There were beautiful gardens and trees to rest under. The air was fresh with a gentle breeze. The soft clear blue sky held a warm brilliant sun. Nature was flourishing here…! I felt such a sense peace and safety, like being gently warmly held, but not too tight. I grinned with a sigh out, ahhh… I decided it was safe to take a nap right here within your post. So I did. Thank you for helping create this space. I feel safe here to rest. This is quite significant and meaningful to me in my life. I think I will have this become a place I can come to when I am in need of some quiet, peaceful. loving, understanding, non judgmental refuge. I feel refreshed now. Thank you!??

    Wow!? What a sweet, poetic, alive and heartfelt response.? bless you dear one and have a deep, peaceful well deserved rest. I noticed you have to go to your car to get some alone space. My heart goes out to you. I live in the wilderness and I have so much space here. I want to send that to you! To your tender heart!

    on May 10, 2020.
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      As I read your share I felt a flashlight pointing inwards… I can feel my heart light up and I feel and know that I am ?interconnected to other hearts….separation is an illusion… this forum allows me to see that.. how interconnected we are and how we influence each other..

      Responded on May 12, 2020.

        Dear Angelika,

        As I read your message I felt a vibration raise in my back, I know this vibration is my dear friend joy.  I also have been enjoying very much not just sharing yet reading and relating to others, it’s giving me a deeper sense of interconnectedness and tender heart sensations.

        Thank you for sharing this opening, I can feel it as mine. <3

        Love and blessings,