Blessed by a snake

I was sitting quietly outside in the sunshine reading my favorite Book: The Dalai Lama’s cat. Hearing a slight rustling underneath my chair, which was a bit reclined, I see a 3 foot beautiful snake slowly slithering by 3 inches from my legs. I am delighted. I look to see if it has a triangular head and rattles at it’s tail end, which wouldn’t have made much difference in my action: remain in quiet reverence. But it was a large Gopher snake. This reminded me of a similar incident when one of these beautiful creatures went out of her way to come over to touch both of my bare feet, before proceeding on her path. Life is amazing  with the primal, raw, beauty of nature and when in a state of presence and oneness, there is nothing but admiration, no fear.  I am grateful for the Darshan. Every day I feel blessed by some creature in front of my door, which is mostly open when temperatures are mild and at ground level.

    I had a similar experience yesterday .
    A beetle landed on my arm- and immediately I can feel an energy of panic that shook my whole body- fight or flight- as if the beetle could end my life… the moment I noticed that I decided to breath and allow. To allow this moment so I can be in relation with the beetle. This slowing down felt like a gentle focus and wonder… curiosity and amazement of its colors. And acceptances of t’s natural tendency.

    RE: Blessed by a snake

    Responded on May 25, 2020.

      Hi Angelika. And Verenice! Well the snake would have had me on edge…, so good for you in experiencing its beauty in calm. I like your experience Verenice with the beetle…. it seems always good advice to stop and pause…. I breath into this, and visualize all the natural wonders and beauty out there fir us to behold…., what a rich luscious experience… especially when stopping to pause. Thank you both.❤️

        Dear Angelika,

        As I read your words my heart started to pound, what would happen? where did the snake go?  I slowly started to feel into your following words and felt a deep sense of trust and deep admiration towards how you responded to this.

        This sense of curiosity, fascination, and reverence <3

        Thank you for sharing this insightful way of communing and receiving from the mother.