Different Days, Equal Value

There are days where every moment is exquisite, and all the dimensions open and I feel the fabric of life, when gratitude soars and the heart knows the truth about existence. Then there are days, where I feel burdened with some unknown weight and seem to pick up the pain of the whole world. I notice a new neutrality with however the experience is and the ability to let it be. I am grateful.? I notice a relaxation in my whole being. To me this is more valuable then always having one kind of day, even if I could.

    Hi Angelika, as I read your post I get a sense of calm, and peace. I feel an ease and lightness in my whole body, and I am able to relax into my breath. I feel Grateful for an acceptance of suchness or what is. It is welcome to find No resistance. I now am able to more gracefully meet myself wherever I am. When I am having a down low day, I am extra gentle with myself, as I would be with my young child having a more challenging day. I am happy to say it helps so much to care for myself in this way. ❤️

      Blessings, Angelika–

      I loved your story…today I wrote a post about feeling irritation and pressure.   Your share really helped me.  Thank you

        As I drop into the sensation of your perfect day, I feel as though I have been lifted up into a magical balloon that is gliding through a mystical forest.  The colors are tingling with vibrancy,  pulsing with aliveness, and a supportive flow of sunlight guides this balloon into a resting place, a place that holds a very different feeling.  This place is dim and weighted and requires the attention of my wise self to step up to let the depleted child know that it’s ok and that despite the intention of her agenda, her only mission is to be love in the world.  After a pause to rest and allow the heavy sensation of attachment to the perceived state of how things should be, a shift in connection frees the weighted restriction, and the balloon becomes recharged, ready for another adventure into the glorious unknown.

        Responded on May 13, 2020.