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    Hi guys, I just like to check in here daily, as it has become part of my daily practice. For me it just feels good to come here, whether anyone even responds…! I have come to just see the benefit in writing for myself. I find it cleansing, and makes me feel good to practice things regularly. I had decided I wanted to get really good at this process, and I feel good to see it has been a path of least resistance for me. Easy. I am not saying I get it right or am successful in my attempts each time, but sometimes I am successful, and regardless I learn from my mistakes, and get better at it. This feels like I am caring and nurturing myself. I care deeply about others, but I can see I can be of better service all around by nurturing and caring for myself first. Feels a bit funny having those two words side by side to me right now, “myself first”…. I feel a wave of heat rush through me from my head to my toes…, I feel my heart pump a bit harder… I breath into this, drop into my heart, continue breathing… it just wasn’t allowed growing up, me first…. I feel a bit of shame her putting myself first…. the heat wave continues through me…. I just keep breathing…. my strong nurturing adult self knows this is a good thing. It is a good thing i have come to care and nurture myself as much as I would another. I can allow this. She has her arm around me, and she is smiling a big smile for me. Thus feels good. Thank you all. I am grateful for you all. 🌝❤️

      So grateful for you and your wisdom 🙂 thank you for sharing it with us

      Responded on May 28, 2020.

      What a beautiful share Annie!!  I am very grateful for you as well!   As I too am learning to bring more love and care for myself, I feel similar sensations of the conditioned reactions of the past wanting to hold their ground while the strong, wise, nurturing self is bringing more light and presence to support a higher good.  My heart feels joyful as I reflect on your share for the new possibilities of inclusiveness of allowing the Heart of the Heart wisdom to be in the driver seat.   A warm wave of calm flows within me as I reflect on how things that don’t serve us can change and shift like the clouds.  An image comes over me of two fish swimming side by side playfully moving forward, similar, but uniquely and beautifully as their selves.

      on May 29, 2020.
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        Thanks Verenice.❤️