I don’t mind…

I heard Eckhart Tolle say: When difficult emotions arise, if we can simply say to ourselves: I don’t mind feeling this way, it creates an opening. So simple and so profound. It reminds me that beyond the old default of craving the pleasant and rejecting the unpleasant, I can choose peace and if I can do so consistently, this peace will grow, regardless of the inner or outer climate. Sometimes I wonder why something so simple is sometimes so hard.

    Blessings, Angelika–  Thank you for both of your recent shares.   I am feeling very grateful for the Eckhardt wisdom.   I am going to use this, as I go to the DROP step in HF.    My heart feels grateful and soft.

    I loved hearing the story about your creative inner child.   She is quite amazing…playful, creative, and loving.







      Yes how simple and yet profound. I try saying “oh that is interesting…”. Thank you Anjelika for the reminder of this simple helpful tip. You asked why something so simple is Sometimes so hard? I think just that we forget The tip , and Then we forget that It takes regular practice to get real good at anything. And regular practice takes a commitment, and a commitment takes self discipline. And self discipline hinges on self Love and compassion. Thanks for the reminder Anjelika. ❤️

      Wow Annie, that is so true and so wise. I just wrote a friend about that. The subconsciou mnd learns by repetition. It took a whole lifetime of repeating unskillful patterns and so it will take a little consistent practice to learn new skillful ways. The whole world is lost in mind patterns. That is why it’s such a mess…  we are cleaning it up in ourselves. I pray this is for the good of the whole.   bless you dear one. I can feel you!  The first time I saw you on a meeting you were in your car and my heart went out to you!

      on June 6, 2020.
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        As I feel your share I am reminded of how everything is simple, breathing is simple and yet so complex. I rest in the space of my breath and feel the complexity of breathing.Feeling a larger intelligence and perfection within everything.  I feel tingly sensation going down my body. feels like doors are opening and closing within me. expanding beyond the layers of the balloon.

        Responded on June 13, 2020.