I just gave a talk: What is Freedom

This question must be in the air, since another friend wrote in her journal about this very subject and I just shared a pre-filmed talk at a spiritual center, entitled WHAT IS FREEDOM. This is such a multi-layered subject and depends on which perspective we are seeing it from.? Inner freedom can make great outer sacrifices and outer freedom might not be freedom at all. Then there is the human and the Divine perspective…? For me it is to meet life exactly how it is, free to meet and feel all that arises.

    Thank you for sharing, Angelika!
    It is so interesting to consider “Freedom”, and what it is “thought” to be. I enjoy seeing situations from numerous points of view and just the word and all of the ideas attached to it creates an overwhelm! Is it money? Time? Peace? From what? Safety? Again, from what? Maybe it’s being able to be surrounded by others with no mask on, or maybe it is making decisions that are, truly, decided with love.
    I feel Freedom when I am in the “drop zone” with no “me”

    Responded on May 5, 2020.