A sense of dullness pervades my body and mind. What does a person do when they are tired and juts can’t connect to any thread?

    ? have been there before and actually have lived most of my life feeling emotional dullness. I have been afraid of really feeling anything emotional. I had a big break through this weekend and am so filled with vulnerability and emotion it is almost overwhelming. There is a time to rest, to play and to cry. When it is time to rest I am grateful.

    Responded on March 31, 2019.

      As I reflect on this question, I have the image of an exhausted , dehydrated , and weary traveler stumbling upon an osasis but is too tired to enjoy it.
      Dragging herself into the cool soothing pool of water, she drinks and starts to float allowing the weariness to dissolve and be replaced with warm & flowing gratitude for having survived the journey thus far. After eating some fresh fruit dangling from a tree, she lies down on the soft warm sand and allows herself to fully drop into a deep and restful nap. Upon awakening ,the sense of feeling refreshed invigorates her. She is ready to continue the exploration. Nutrition and rest are oh so critical for the journey.

      Responded on April 1, 2019.

        For me it comes as a shut out feeling. A still and disconnected grief that? the magic was never really real to begin with. By some miracle it always seeps back, and eventually, in all of it’s glory.

        Responded on April 8, 2019.