Inner critic

    The other day, I became irritated at myself for not completing all the things I had intended to get done.    As I stopped and held the healing space for myself, I realized that I could acknowledge myself for what I did do, rather than criticize myself for what I didn’t do.  It was a bit of a realization.   A realization that so many of us are brought up with the idea that in order to change behaviors, some kind of punitive action..spanking, yelling, belitting has to take place.   That is just not the truth.   Punitive parents, school systems, justice systems, etc and even a punitive God.  Feels so engrained in this culture.   No wonder the inner critic is a default program.    Ouch!!!!!!

      I felt my heart fill with a sense of pride and compassion for you in realizing you can Choose to treat yourself with kindness and respect and nurture the goodness in your spirit without striving and demanding more of yourself. You are enough!!

      Responded on May 19, 2020.

      Thank you for your beautiful words, Samara


      on May 20, 2020.
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        Ahhh…. hits the spot for me this morning. I have a sometimes pattern of thinking I must have done something wrong …. Thank goodness for inquiry…! It has time and time again saved me from my own self inflicted suffering. As I breath into this I visualize my string kind adult self with her arm around my tender child. I feel a sense of nurturance, love, gratitude and relief. I am grateful for our awareness, and for inquiry, from here it is all possible to turn to love and compassion instead. Thank you!❤️

          I read this and relax. Something inside me was critical that I wasn’t even aware of and it let go. I’ve been pulling massive hours to get the new Heart Fluency site going, and I end up in bed thinking “Ouch – I didn’t share on the forum.” That has been building up and i wasn’t aware of it. I notice the upwelling sensations of gratitude throughout my torso. We really do complete each other. This was the perfect submission for me to see in this moment!

          Responded on May 20, 2020.

            Dear Virginia,

            Our inner critics most be really good friends. As I read your message I could not help and remember all the times I beat myself up for not doing enough and not being grateful for the things I have done. I am grateful for this share as it comes like a sweet reminder to be soft and embracing of myself as things are and that there is no need to push into doing anything because things get done as they need to and when they need to.

            I can feel more trust and softness.

            Thank you,