Intense emotional experience, body reacts

This relates to my previous post about growth and challenges keeping up with each other. A few days ago I had an experience that came out of the blue, caught me off guard and hit my body so hard that it immediately got sick even though I practiced Heart Fluency and being completely present and aware. I was puzzled by the severe physiological reaction to someone?s intense abusive emotional attack energy, when I was expecting a thank you for having worked a ?marathon? to get this filmed project done for them. They blew up because it was 5 minutes longer then they wanted it. I knew this was not about me, I knew they were stressed and I knew that what they said was neither accurate nor fair, and I also knew that they hold a lot of unmet anger inside, but still my body felt like it had received a physical blow as this wave of that person?s emotions hit my system. My reaction to the person was loving and kind, but my body went into shock. My system felt dysregulated, but my mind was clear and in observation mode. A strange experience and I am still feeling the impact. In the past I might have had a nervous breakdown. Thank goodness for HeartFluency and an unbreakable Divine Connection!

    Hi Angelica. Upon reading your post, I feel a bit frozen in fear of what might happen next. I feel disconnected to my mind and heart, and my body is left floating in a sort of shock. I can remember experiencing this numerous times, especially around my dad as a teen, and sometimes he would hit me. I was scared, but trying to stay and be respectful of my father. I would almost leave my body. I breath into this, a sadness comes over me, I feel it in my heart. I keep breathing, just realizing and acknowledging I am scared, helps me to shift. I begin to feel stronger and connected with my body. I am one. Today I feel ready to protect and stand up for my inner child. I want to be kind yet authentic, as this is my truth, and myself and everyone will be the better for it. Now if I reveal and express I am feeling scared, I can ask if they can find another way to say what they said. Often they then drop to their heart as well, by me dropping to mine. Thank you for the opportunity to practice this scenario once again. ??

      Blessings Angelika–

      As I read your story,?? I feel heaviness in my heart and tears.??? I have experienced the kind of shock you speak of– a big and angry unexpected/misdirected? energy directed towards me.?? Even tho the rational brain knows its not about ‘me’ the nervous system still responds in Fight/Flight/Freeze because its triggered.?? I am glad we have heart fluency and other tools to be able to nurture and bring the system back into regulation.??? I feel a contraction in my gut and a wanting to protect. my friend. ? The sadness is still here in my heart and I feel a column of heat inbetween my breasts.?? It feels dark and heavy and sad.??? When I sit with it, it turns to yellow light and has more spaciousness but the desire to cry is still present.?? I also feel anger towards the person who lashed out.?? Its not yet turned into compassion.