Irritation and Aversion

    I found myself in a place of irritation today after calling the DMV on behalf of my elderly parents.   Irritation because of the difficulty in actually talking to someone and then my questions not answered by the prompts.   I’ve been exploring this place of feeling irritation.   It feels like a burning on the right side of my chest.   I know there is more to it, than the attempted phone call to the DMV.     I feel it is something much deeper…underneath I felt pressure at not having accomplished some of the clearing in my house I had hoped to.   It is me putting  pressure on myself.   Pressure feels just like pressure in my heart.    I think it is even deeper yet and I will continue to explore.   As I open to the breath there is more space.

    thanks for listening

      Mmm. There is a familiar feeling of jaws clenched and a knot in my stomach. But then I get an image of myself as a boy running through my neighborhood looking for frogs. I loved them. The interpretation is that this process of discovering our issues and bringing curiosity and patience to them is exciting and it bears the fruit of freedom and play. Good luck in your search and I so appreciate your willingness to be open and receptive to your process.

        Dear Virginia,

        As I read your message I fell a certain warmth in my heart, a deep relating to this frustration and the magic of knowing that is not whats in the surface that is really bothering us. In that space of the breath lies the magic of being able to allow this and all other frustrations that come to manifest as you give them space to happen.

        I sit in that space with you, being that which watches.

        Love and blessings,


          Such great power of observation and presence. How very very self aware you are, what beautiful insights into the human condition. So valuable. Most humans are completely unaware of their inner weather. We are so fortunate to be able to see and to explore. One of my teachers always said: To see is to be free.       love you dear one    Angelika

          Responded on May 15, 2020.