Listening, Playful with fear

My inner child felt afraid, heart racing, pressure in the whole system. I sat still to hold her. I asked what she needed. She didn’t know. I surrounded her with a multi hued light field. I gave her a golden shield studded with healing gemstones. I asked if she wanted a sword to ward off this danger, instead she requested a healing wand which when pointed at someone would open their heart more each time. She still didn’t feel safe. We turned off the sound from the outside of the protective bubble, so she could only see the person’s antics, but not hear any hurtful words. That made her laugh a bit. It took a long time for her to relax, and I realized she has never felt safe deep down. She is very creative and it is wonderful to be present with her and let her guide the process.

    Hi Anjelika. I feel a sense of suspense…, a breath in, and a holding as I await to see if it is safe to relax more… I know the feeling well…. walking on egg shells a bit…, maybe I did something wrong conjures up… I breath in, and now I breath out after checking in … after checking in For inquiry i see I have fine nothing wrong, and I am safe. I am safe and I am strong. I can inquire. I love your writing Angelika. It is so creative and alive. I am blessed to be here with you for sure…! Thanks for sharing. ❤️

    The feeling is mutual. Thank you for sharing.    much love  Annie

    on June 6, 2020.
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