Participating Under the Wrong Account

I’ve been on the forum for the last hour really enjoying being able to share. What beautiful posts and responses. I’m touched. Then I noticed all of my submissions had been under one of the Test accounts. I’ve been burning the midnight oil to get the Heart Fluency site up. What a huge push. I love it so much I couldn’t get to sleep until 4 Monday night. Now I’m a little punchy. There’s some sadness and sweetness I’m feeling as soft heaviness In my heart and belly. Hoping to sleep tonight. Love to all…

    Hi Bruce, if I am understanding correctly, you had accidentally been posting on the test site thinking it was this site…? It is reminding me of all the times I put my heart and soul into writing something meaningful to me only to somehow manage to lose it in some technical error…. I get a heavy sinking feeling all over, my eyes close…. I feel an exhaustion from the effort involved in the writing, and a sense of loss of something loved. There is a bittersweet taste in my mouth…. what I had felt pleased with my writing and now it’s gone…! Ahhh shit…!! I just want to scream as well…! I feel a need to shake this frustration out of me…! I breath into this and I decide to let it go… it dissipates out of me, and my writing lands back in my heart where it came from…. it will need to wait for another opportunity to come out. A good nights sleep will help this rest. ❤️

      I feel the sadness and sweetness in my heart as well.   I really loved that you said ‘you love it so much you couldn’t get to sleep until 4 a.m.”   What you shared reminds me of giving birth, the labor pain and pushing to bring forth a new life into the world.   And, then how sweet you love your baby so much you couldn’t sleep.  That’s about as beautiful as it gets.    Thanks for bringing Heart Fluency new life.    I hope you are able to rest and recover from labor.

      Welcome to the new baby!

        I, too, remember when my firstborn was an infant, and I used to stand or sit by his crib and watch him sleep, even though I knew I needed sleep as well.  Such a miracle!  And this is indeed a kind of giving birth you are experiencing, as well.  Thank you for sparking such memories.

        Responded on May 21, 2020.

          I really feel your heart, so eager to share with the whole world all the goodness that you have received. You share so generously and well with all of us and I am so grateful for all that you do. It has benefited me in a huge way and has become a part of my life. I have studied all these teachings before and applied them to some degree, but the way you present it and organize it and put it together is really brilliant and easy to apply! Finally something that works well in all situations. And I too, when I am in times of inspiration for a music or video project, I work on it day and night. and though the body gets tired and the nerves need more rest, some other energy that is bigger then me carries it through. And I surrender to the process. I am so grateful to you for working so hard to bring forth maximum benefit of your gifts for all beings.    THANK YOU !!!!!

          Responded on May 22, 2020.

            Also you can copy and paste from the test site to here….


            Responded on May 22, 2020.