Really, just two to five minutes?

I smile as I remember Bruce saying it can only take 2 to 5 minutes each day to go onto Heart Fluency. This is not really a question expecting an answer, but that would be impossible for me because I want to read each post, and feel each post, and feel each person behind each post. And then sometimes I feel moved to respond. I feel a little fear rising in my belly, wondering if this is not an appropriate post, not wanting to seem like I am contradicting Bruce. I suppose if everyone posted a story each day I would then just pick a few to read. But I like to read each one. I will see how this continues to unfold for me because I also have limited time, especially on some days.

    Hi Muffy. I can relate…. as I read your post I got a chuckle…, and chuckling is good, so thank you for posting! It was perfectly honest, which is the point here and all is welcome. So my chuckle brings to a place of not worrying and allowing myself the freedom to flow. Being spontaneous. Mostly not worrying. Am experimenting here too…. Sometimes I will only have time to experiment with a 2-5 minute post, other times I can indulge in a longer amount of time. Sending you a hug! And thanks for the post!??

      I feel the effervescent energy of joy rising through my body. “We all have our ways” comes up in my mind and then the thought “and that makes it so rich. We complete each other” The joy softens into a more relaxed contentment. throughout my torso. I’m ready for bed

        And a PS to my share, there is also the feeling that I am too slow and too detail oriented and somehow not efficient enough with my time and energy, although I can get things done, but in spurts…. I work in spurts….?? want to be with that some more see what comes.

          I totally relate to what you share, I too am thorough and often spend much more time here then I feel I have. Some tension arises in my stomach right now, the old familiar feeling – it is all too much – not enough time and energy to do it all so thoroughly – and then I surrender. I can’t seem to control even that use of “time” …?? ahhhh letting go, letting it flow.. It always seems to work out somehow, but I will now be present with that feeling that just came up, that pressure of time and energy and obligations to juggle. Something in me longs to just be, not do so much, just be be be, sit on the porch and watch the birds.

            I love you all so much and my smile is huge!
            I too, want to give each post the time I feel it deserves. Then, I wonder if I use this as a reason to not interact at all.
            When I drop in, I first feel like a tiny, compressed sphere. As I sit with this, the sphere starts to unfold/ open, like a yellow rose. With each breath, it opens more until there are no boundaries to the space and it is bright and light.
            Thank you all!!

            Responded on May 8, 2020.