Self-Compassion around Overloading my Schedule?

How do I both share my gifts and honor my life? It seems as if I’m always playing catch up and needing to burn the candle at both ends. Not very compassionate towards my body or heartmind.

    Dear Bruce,

    As I read your message I felt a sense of hovering over myself and seeing not just you yet how I always tend to burn the candle at both ends.

    It reminded me of a story of Gandhi that always inspires me and it goes like this: Gandhi was going around with usual busy day, from one thing to the other, barely resting, barely sleeping. Someone asked him don’t you ever get tired? and he looked at them in the heart with tender compassion and said, I am always resting while I am doing.

    I share with you this sense of resting, in the heart as you very much hold us all. <3

    I am grateful for this busyness because we get to have you, a space like this, and beautiful Heart Fluency.

    Love and Blessings,


    What a beautiful response Laura, blessings and love to you    Angelika

    on May 15, 2020.
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      Dear Bruce, I too have been exploring this very same observation, where does this inner pressure come from? Even when there is no outer pressure? It feels old and familiar, mom, dad, grandparents, intense Germanic survival issues. My list is always longer then I can accomplish and then there are some days where I just have to give up trying to do it all. Lately I put less items on my list. Thank you for observing and sharing this, what beautiful awareness, it benefits me. And I too feel that my gifts and sharing them with the world require all I’ve got, and I gladly give it, because that is what I’m here for.     blessings and love   Angelika

      Responded on May 15, 2020.

        Gee, Bruce.  Overloading your Mchedule ?   You must really be in overwhelm to misspell “Schedule.”

        What with all this wonderful SPACE we have right now — not going to movies, restaurants, visiting friends, minimal errands — time for going through old stacks of reading or papers.  I hope you can find those “spaces between things” and soon, before we are back to “business as usual” when we were REALLY BUSY.  Best wishes, because I Love You !

        Responded on May 14, 2020.

          As I sit after reading your post, I feel a construction in around my lungs, my breathing and up into my throat. A bit of uneasiness in my stomach as well. I get a sense of longing for peace and stillness. I breath into this… I decide to use my circular cleansing breath…. II still feel a sense of unease wishing there weren’t always it seems so many things needing doing… I long for stillness. I add a slight smile, as I remember my my place of refuge inside me. I decide to enter my lovely garden and rest… ahh, you are welcome to come too quietly…. I find respite here. I get a sense of setting boundaries and coming here more often. In this place I allow myself stillness. I am grateful to have found this place. Here I am reminded to slow down, and trust in the natural divine order of my day. 🌝❤️

            My heart is racing and my stomach feels tight as I tune into the sensation of overloading and catch up.  My body reacts with constriction, putting up obstacles and hurdles in my pathway, preventing my energy to breath it’s full capacity.  As I drop deeper, my wise self reaches out with such love and tenderness to remind me that the only thing that matters is to operate from the heart of the generous present moment, to honor the majesty of balance in all things.  This honoring is what my being needs most and when this is achieved, the candle only needs to burn from the center.

            Responded on May 15, 2020.

              Blessings, Bruce–  I feel a contraction in my solar plexus and my heart.   I am familiar with a sense of pressure in my chest.   As I listen inside, I hear a message of noticing the part of you (me) that is already compassionate towards yourself and your body.     I want to reflect compassion to you and acknowledge what an amazing and generous gift you are offering…and that you are bringing your gifts forward beautifully.    You may be giving yourself more nurturing and compassion than you are giving yourself credit for.    As I sit in the space of healing orientation, I am aware of a very luminous heart light that goes from my heart to bless yours yours and  our community.