Taking on responsibility for another

Something happened today and I noticed how I take responsibility for other creatures and then stepped back to notice that what happens is NOT ALL my fault.? Yes…. I hear the ego screaming thru this one.? You put the net out there, you should have been checking, you know snakes get caught, you should be more vigilant, if you only checked yesterday.

I found a beautiful gopher snake caught in my bird netting in the front yard.? It was dead.? Snakes have done this so many times (I don’t know why they choose to do this) and I’ve found and released them all.? This one (I assume by it’s size) was the same one I released from bird netting in the back yard a few days ago and carefully placed it in a gopher hole AND put all the netting up high so it would be safe.? It wasn’t safe this time.? I was too late.? I took full responsibility until I stepped back and observed.? It could have entered at any location and gone under the net, it could have not been near the net at all.? I noticed I was sad because it was dead.? And I noticed I could release taking full responsibility for it, knowing it has it’s own free will and this did not happen because of me – it made a choice.? I’m still sad.? I buried it and said goodbye.

    Dear Sally,

    As I read your message I felt stillness in my heart, this slowly turned into warmth. I felt so much love towards you and your incredible compasion towards this snake that kept finding is way back into your nest, its an honorable sense of responsibility and it feels so tender and beautiful that you watched this process.

    I am happy to read that this ended in releasing this sense of responsibility, makes me question how much are we really responsible for in this human existence and how much is just happening as we witness.

    Thank you for opening this sense of inquiry and reflection in me.

    Love and blessings,


      As I read your post, my heart feels sad for the loss of the snake’s life.?? My heart feels heavy and I am weeping a little bit.?? As I take the backward step into awareness I see that the snake’s death is nature taking her course.??? No one’s fault and you did make adjustments so that she (the snake) woand uldn’t get caught.

      Thank you for your beautiful sharing and blessings to the beautiful snake.


        As the words “I am still sad. I buried it and said goodbye” land in me I feel a ring of tender energy extend out from my chest all around me. I recognize this as the heart quality of equanimity mixed with poignancy. The holding of the truth that life begets death begets life. This endless cycle that I am not separate from. I’m in the process of caring for my mom who is in hospice and broke her hip recently. I love her. And there is so little I can do. The sadness is there and it’s true. Not needing it to be different is such a support. Thank you for this touching reflection. It is supportive at this time.

        Responded on May 20, 2020.