Technical Frustration…!

    Hi…. I am writing here in my sacred space now, rather than listening to Bruce’s Interview on The Shift Network….  I couldn’t get logged on….!!!  I think I will cut the story and simply say, i needed to disconnect due to frustration in troubleshooting….!! 
    I breath in a long much needed breath of crisp clean air, and I breath out all the times something like this has happened, pure frustration…! I can feel it dissipating as I continue this process.  When I felt relieved enough, I stopped and dropped into my heart space. There I found myself comforted and grateful for this process. I am noticing the sense of joy I am getting out of taking care of myself. It is helpful for me to notice this after so many years of being so critical of myself. I am happy to say that is not what I have been noticing anymore…❤️ My whole being is filled with a sense of wholeness, enough ness and care. Thank you, and I do look forward to listening to Bruce’s interview sometime…!❤️🌝

      Blessings, Annie–

      I’m impressed that you decided to write about your frustration and your process.  What a beautiful way to practice HF, in the midst of techinical difficulties!!!

      Needless to say, I’m pretty sure weve all experienced them.   I certainly know the frustration you speak of.   I will use HF the next time I encounter technical difficulties.  They are one of the things that frustrate me more than just about anything,   So, as I breath in to memories of my last technical difficulty (not being able to log into my Monday night meditation), the intifial emotion is frustration and anger and urghhhhhhhhh.    I feel that as a contraction in my emotional heart and a burning in my chest.   I am aware of the heart of the heart surrounding the burn and I continue to breath into it.  The sensation moves to my solar plexus and my shoulders relax, but my jaw tightens.  Tears want to come and when I allow the sadness, a softening happens.

      thank you for your share.    I hope to listen to the interview as well.

        I loved riding the wave with you Annie. I know well the frustration of technology, and I was feeling it as I read your post. But then I too dropped into my heart as you described yourself doing so and I felt expansion and joy. What a great reminder. What a great practice.

        Responded on May 23, 2020.

          As I read your share I could feel panic and a little anxiety that comes when I want things to work out and I can’t get them to work for me. Feels scary and vulnerable in a way- I really Loved that ability to notice that place and turn into toward your heart 🙂 reminds me of my heart and all the times it is helping me. Reminding me that I am fine

          Responded on May 25, 2020.

            Dear Annie,

            As I read your message I enjoyed very much when you said: “I am noticing the sense of joy I am getting out of taking care of myself.” My heart fluttered with delight, warmth and sweet vibrations in the heart.

            I also had technical issues with the site, having to create a new account, and losing a lot of my old posting. This at the moment felt frustrating yet it also came with a sense of newness and deep acceptance towards adapting to this new platform and loving it as it was.

            This feels better now. Thank you for sharing your process. <3