Thank you Bruce

    I feel called to express my gratitude to Bruce for your generosity of heart and spirit.  You are doing really amazing work and I am grateful for it.   I am also grateful for your generous offerings of time and energy through Heart Fluency.    You are giving alot and the new web site looks really amazing.   I want to acknowledge all your heart and long hours at making Heart Fluency a strong healing and viable  tool for our world.   I will hold it and you in daily Metta.   I would love to see  it  continue to evolve with vibrancy and reach as many hearts as possible.

    Thank you and many many MANY blessings,

      As I read your post I too feel such deep gratitude for Bruce. Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom

      Responded on May 20, 2020.

        I feel a sense of warm soft energy in my belly. Yum. Thank you for this lovely acknowledgement.

        Responded on May 20, 2020.

          When I think of Bruce I feel warmth in my heart sparked by the generosity of his huge heart.

          Responded on May 23, 2020.