The freedom of silence

Returning from silence, all the worries I had I can now witness that it was that very part of myself that wanted to keep me stuck in stories and to not see the deeper truths of my being.

This time around the integration of this silence has been slow, steady, and incredibly beautiful. To notice how much surfaces and rises when we go deep into stillness, the more we make space, the more things show up to the surface.

This incredible feeling of compassion towards all beings, this inner wisdom that says you have and are doing as best as you can. We all are. This intricate human experiences filled with incredible emotions that once we stop, drop, and open up to them we can fully be with ourselves from a completely different place. One centered in the heart.

Silence cultivates a deeper love towards ourselves, a sense of intimacy that is built, and to recognize that all that we live is always pointing back towards ourselves.

10 days of communing in silence in my space, 10 days of inner exploration, 10 days that have brought me closer to this freedom. An awakened sense of longing and clear determination to go deeper into my being. <3

    I want to say I a m filled with a sense of pride, yet another part of me relates pride to ego, regardless my heart is full. That is quite an accomplishment, and quite a learning healing experience to feel good about. As I sit with this silence, I feel a sense of nourishment. I like silence. I feel at peace. I welcome whatever comes to visit me, whatever wants to be seen. I smile slightly as I feel a sense of freedom.
    Thank you. ❤️

    The feeling of being happy for another’s happiness is known in Buddhism as Mudita – Sympathetic joy. It is one of the 4 noble abodes of the heart.

    on May 14, 2020.
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      Ooh – Silence. I feel a longing. A deep desire. It has both the feel of the contraction in my belly of greed and the warmth in my heart of sweetness. Very Happy for you. Thank you for sharing