Translation please….

    I’m struggling to translate the words ?nourished receptivity ? into something I can understand. How?do I translate these and other words (from our HF workshop/class) into something ?I resonate with and can really feel into with understanding? ?For me, it feels similar to the experience of listening to others talk in a foreign language. ? They obviously understand, while I struggle to find meaning for myself. ?I feel a tightness in my body when I hear the words and I sense a part of me shutting down.

      Dear Sally, thanks for asking so honestly. We all speak a different language, great observation and good for you to ask. I feel a sense of joy and courage as you share. I guess for me it means to embrace and meet whatever arises with more willingness and love and compassion.

        I feel the flowing energy of gratitude as I read this post. So grateful for such honesty and clarity and the opportunity to learn more. I’ll try to answer the question.

        Basic, pure awareness is the quality of our minds that receives our experience like the sky receives the clouds. Like hearing receives a sound – effortlessly. At its most simplistic, awareness is receptivity to experience. We can actually? feel in our bodies the nourishing qualities of the awareness – spacious, unstuck, uncharged, patient, accepting, non-judging and balanced. When we acknowledge and feel these nourishing qualities they become an embodied resource. Now we have a nourished receptivity. When we are identified, we lose touch with those nourished qualities, but we are still receptive to (or aware of) our experience. Hope this helps…