Where is everybody…?!

    I am entering my sacred space here, my garden of Eden…🌿❤️ I am ok being alone, but I am wondering where everybody is…? I start work seeing if I am at the wrong site or doing something wrong…!!? So I have learned to inquire out of care for myself…, so: where is everybody ?❤️ In the meantime I will breath in this fresh air, and breath out any anxiety….! Just checking in. I’ll check in again later. ❤️

      I have been wondering the same thing, I think we are at the right site but there is not so much participation at times. Thanks for your share.

      Responded on May 24, 2020.

        When I read your share, I felt a deep sadness… a I wondered what can I do better.. ?? I go through my intuitive list…. and I’ve checked all the boxes that allow others to feel empowered to reach out to me with ideas on how to make it better….. I take a deep breath— connect to my breath… a light sigh…. and recognition from spirit that I’ve done my best….trust the unfolding… the waves and vibrations that move through me… everything is movement happening…everything moving in its own way- feeling like the creator that allows creation to unfold- reminding that we are all powerful and can create 🙂 we can manifest… we can make the changes we wish to see…. my heart felt good with what is… 🙂

        Responded on May 25, 2020.

          Thank you both. I will continue to post anyway. I feel I have created a safe space here for myself. It feels quite lovely, as it is live entering a sacred garden. I feel I get a lot out of the whole process whether anybody responds or not. It is cathartic and healing. And go fitting to know I can come here whenever I want 24/7…! Thank you both again! Love yo you all!❤️