Who was that person who appeared during the storm?

    Feeling such a wave of overwhelm as I experience pulsing throughout my entire being, but particularly my heart and stomach.  Tension creating general tightness all around, but specifically in my jaw and across my forehead.  I am feeling a bit stunned at how quickly things escalated.  The fragileness of my being and the inconsistent waves of anxiety take me by surprise, but I am here with myself now, after the storm, allowing the breath of all that is connect me to the neutral observer.  I long to bring wisdom to the reason I became so triggered.  My habitual past conversations with myself want to make me a messed up person who is really weak and troubled, but my wise self is stepping in to bring more love and compassion and to let me know that filling this present moment with such love and compassion is all that matters.  I feel a sense of tenderness and a softening as I allow this breath of mercy to comfort the part of me that emerged so suddenly by what I perceive to be protecting the part of me that is feeling so fragile.  I am grateful for times of pause so I may choose differently to support news patterns of rewiring.

      Beautiful. Ahhhhh. I sense a breath and sigh of relief and a smile at the healing that is possible. much love to you dear one.

      Responded on May 25, 2020.

      Thank you cherished Angelika!!  I am sooo grateful for your delightful Spirit and for how you hold every moment with such reverence and grace!!!  Your shares fill my heart with such joy.  What a blessing you are to my life!!!!!

      on May 25, 2020.
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        As I sit with your post, I think of all the times I have reacted rather than pausing, and all the times I actually did pause and i still didn’t quite get it right…
        But as I reflect on this, I realize that I am not also responsible for the other persons reaction….
        I breath into this, and what comes to mind is there us another breath, a second chance, or respite in time left to settle…. I feel a sense of expansion in the Huns ness of this…. after all, who’s perfect? Who isn’t human…? I find comfort in this. There us always a second breath. We can make amends. Thank you. ❤️

          Dear Mitzie,

          I read your words and I could not stop repeating in my head: Just this, just this, just this.

          This beautiful presence in being the witness of your process. So much streght in this not knowing where its rooted yet taking away any power it might have by being present with this rising. Absolutely inspirational.

          Thank you <3